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Most of us are eating unhealthy processed food with loads of taste enhancing artificial unhealthy ingredients. Bulk of our daily calorie intake comes from BLANK CALORIES (based on sugar) that is robbing us from our daily nutritional demands. Anatomically we need daily intake of wholesome natural food that delivers what our bodies need on every day basis to keep us “healthy”.

SO! How we define “healthy”?

If we define healthy food in a single sentence then it is. It has to be sugar free. Here is why? Sugar feed cancer. Statistics depict every family in the world exposed to cancer risk owing to dietary reasons. So, what you eat? What to avoid eating?

There are two schools of thought: 1) The western medicine professed nutrition (eat everything that you require for the strength and energy). Such foods strengthen immune system to fight disease, especially cancer. 2) Traditional nutrition – It professes eating that involves growing healthy cells in human body and starving cancer cells.

Both schools of thought on nutrition are unanimous in one verdict; sugar is the favorite food of cancer cells. Sugar creates acidic body condition that allows the cancer to party in the body. Stopping sugar intake is the key to good health and wellness. But the problem is what kind of beverages can taste good without sugar?

Basically, all popular breakfast beverages (Milo, Horlicks, 3in1 coffee, Nescafe etc) carry high sugar content. Few beverage (such as oat drink) contain NO sugar but taking OAT everyday…it will be demotivating. Here we offer a great healthy alternative : A Sugar Free, preservatives free VeLife multigrain breakfast beverages using natural Ingredients. With Zero cane sugar , VeLife Multigrain breakfast beverages contains 100% natural ingredients that promotes natural wellness. Each ingredient is carefully selected to deliver vital nutrition to your body. Enjoy the wholesome multigrain breakfast sugarless cereal with any additive of your choice for a tasty nutritional experience.

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