Our Very Own Special Ice Blended

Java Blenz, symbolize new modern lifestyle of coffee drinking in this trend favoured by Gen Y, the young and affluent group. Java Blen offers the irresistable sensation that every dynamic generation looking forward to experiance!

Enjoy the loving sensation at first sip with irresistable flavours, bringing out Happiness and Joy!

Our Java Blenz Flavours

Java Blenz Cappuccino


An entry level for ice blended coffee drinker. The creamy sensation of the smooth milky coffee makes it just perfect as it melts in your mouth. The non-coffee drinker will surely like it as well. “You don’t have to be a coffee lover to like it”.

1.5kg x 8 packets/carton

Java Blenz Mocha

It’s love at first slip. Have you ever tried the luxurious experience of milky coffee together with sweet chocolate? It is unbelievable sensational !

1.5kg x 8 packets/carton

Java Blenz Chocolate

The romantic dark complexion of the rich
tropical cocoa blend with Holland’s cream milk. Simply sweet and smooth.

1.5kg x 8 packets/carton 

Java Blenz Vanilla

The legendary sweetness of the vanilla superbly well rounded and smooth as she dates with the dark and creamy Oreo. Seductively sexy.

1.5kg x 8 packets/carton

Java Blenz Durian Cappucino

durian cappucino-plasticdurian cappucino-bottle
Coffeeland durian coffee is produced from durian extract with no artificial flavor added. The distinctive aroma of tropical Musang King can be deeply appreciated together with the smooth sensation of the well blended aroma of Arabica coffee. If you’ve tried once, you will be in love with Coffeeland Durian Coffee.

                                              1.5kg x 8 packets/carton

Java Blenz Belgium Dark Chocolate

belgium dark chocolate-plasticbelgium dark chocolate-bottle
The romantic dark complexion of the rich tropical cocoa blend with Holland’s cream milk. It’s simply sweet and smooth. Java Blenz Belgium Chocolate Ice Blended has a rich, dark chocolate flavor with a balanced sweetness that isn't too strong.  You will impress at how they're consistently well-blended. 

                                                1.5kg x 8 packets/carton 

Java Blenz Mochaccino

Coffee lovers would love Mochaccino as it brings out the robust flavor of our equator’s coffee and chocolaty taste.

1.5kg x 8 packets/carton

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