Our Very Own Special Healthy Beverages

Over the past few years, we have really increased our varieties of your favorite drink especially developing beverages that benefits our health. Our most recent additions are listed below with benefits and make up properly explained.

Slimming Coffee

Made with all natural ingredients including white been extract. This coffee boosts body antioxidants, help burn out excess fat and improve body contour. A great tea for all those who seek slimmer shape. The slimming coffee has no artificial color, what you see is what you get! A trial is bound to convince you.

Collagen Coffee

The collagen coffee is made with natural collagen extract as well as rice extract. Their perfect mix is aimed at providing your skin with all it needs to be firmer, wrinkle free and appear perfectly supple. The collagen coffee has no added color nor trans fat everything it is purely natural. Made for everyone who wants to maintain great skin balance and shine.

Power Mocha

The power mocha is a blend of coffee made with tropical Asian power roots such as tangkat Ali, ginseng, ubi Java and even maca. This coffee is known to increase optimum performance in men. It ensures fitness in all organs of the body. Power mocha has no artificial color nor flavor just natural with zero trans fat.

Matcha Latte

Green is the color of health. A must try for every tea lover both far and near, high in natural antioxidants to help boost body health. Offers a once in a lifetime taste guaranteed to bring you joy, happiness and satisfaction.

Durian White Coffee

The durian white coffee is produced from natural durian extract and has no form of artificial flavor in it. The durian white coffeepossess the tropical musang king which is well blended with the aroma of Arabica coffee. One sip of this coffee and you will fall in love with it. Durian coffee lovers know what am talking about..

Belgium Chocolate

A romantic, dark complexion, rich tropical cocoa blend paired with Holland's cream milk is simply a sweet and smooth combination.

Lemon Ice Tea

What good is coffee variety brand without the famous lemon ice tea? Our lemon tea proves to be the perfect mix of lemon flavored powdered concentrate with black tea. Boasting only natural ingredients, this rich tea not only rejuvenates your body, it refreshing taste also boosts your spirit making you feel much more alive. It is loaded with antioxidants that will help you fight certain infectious agents and relieve stress. Why not try one today?

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