Our Business

The leading Ice Blended products in the industry of gourmet coffee.


With the advent of the innovations introduced in food and beverages, particularly in the coffee industry, a market foresight has already been established by Coffeeland stressing our need to create various types of gourmet ice blended coffee to particularly suit to the taste and preference of our wide gamut of the non-coffee lovers.
Marketing oriented and operational focus enables Coffeeland to produce new brands of beverages that are specifically blended with ice. They are now known as the leading Ice Blended products in the industry of gourmet coffee. It just keeps getting better soon after! Our passion in producing the best flavored gourmet coffee as well as non coffee beverages skyrocketed in the market environment which has been highly preferred by their clients and customers around the world. Coffeeland now have various types of beverage products. Each has its own taste and kick that is highly unique from the other.
Leverage on the field of F&B industry is what we strive for by providing proper training and education for our employees on how to perfect our very own ice-blended beverages. Furthermore, Coffeeland continually offer top notch business opportunities in providing beverage solutions for our local agents and overseas distributors.
Coffeeland highlights are the following stressing on the quality of the service and of the beverage products that we offer:
• We are the leading manufacturer of Premium Pre-Mix beverages and Smoothies of Coffee and non-coffee products.
• We provide comprehensive and full café solutions including agents and customers training, beverage recipes, coffee machines and equipment, marketing support and strategies.